Is this game free to play?  Of course, it is, our team covers only free online games, Cat Ninja is no difference.
 Does this game has a cool story?  Oh, you will just love it, it is full of adventures, with supervillain boss, crystals and things like that.
 What is the main objective?  We already covered it on the front page of our site, your main mission is to save the world by collecting crystals.
 Is this game hard?  Kind of hard to say, it all depends on your gaming skills. Game is challenging, but not impossible.
 Is there going to be the second release?  The second version of the game always depends on the popularity of the previous one, I think we can see a new release of this game.
 How do you prefer to play?  I personally enjoy fast-paced action gaming, I love to solve quests fast, I love to run across the map and collect crystals ASAP.
 Making mistakes in-game.  Don’t be afraid to make mistakes in the game, there are checkpoints in Cat Ninja and you will start from the previous checkpoint.