Building a friendly community is pretty hard these days… You have to invite people, promote your blog, plan different events, ask other sites to share your site, etc. One more important step is to create simple, yet straight forward rules, rules which can help to keep your community friendly and positive.

This is what I plan to do right now, I will list all of our blog rules below. Please read these rules carefully and follow them in order to avoid warning and ban.

Respect other players, be polite and positive.
No swearing and bad behavior, show manners.
No racist comments, it will trigger instant permanent ban.
Sharing links is signature is not problem, as far as they are gaming rlated.
No promotion in articles and in comments.
Off-topic posts are allowed only in off-topic subject.
Hacks are not allowed, will trigger warning and permanent ban in case of repeat.
Adding duplicate content is not allowed, we wont publish it, keep that in mind.
Joining moderators is allowed on our blog, but you must have good knoweldge in gaming subject.

As you can see our rules are not strict at all, we have simple rules and following them should not be a problem for you.

If you have some questions visit FAQ or use our contact form, thanks in advance.