We are free gamers, we dedicate our free time to gaming and we love to talk about games in general. Often we build sites related to our favorite games, we talk about different tips and guides in order to help our users to improve their gaming skills.

Okay, now you know who we are and what we do, now you know what this blog is all about and you know that one of our favorite games is Cat Ninja. We are more than happy to discuss this amazing online game, we want to talk about different tips and tricks, about the story of the game, about different obstacles, about different strategies, etc.

We will cover other online games as well, we will write awesome guides with good illustrations and other things like that, in time you will improve your gaming skills and you will learn about other interesting stuff.

If you want to know more about us and what are our plans you can contact us directly and we will answer all of your questions, we are open to new admins as well, of course, if you have good experience and knowledge in gaming.

Our plans are pretty big, we know how to manage things and we are sure that with your help we can achieve more. Help us to grow, invite more people to our blog and we can enjoy games together.

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