Are you into adventure games? Games that offer you challenge, entertainment, adventure, and thrill? In this case, you will enjoy the new Cat Ninja game (we have an unblocked version of this game, it allows you to play from any location without any restrictions). Game is very entertaining and completely free, you can even play it directly from your browser.

How to play:
Your number one job is to reach finish line of the level. Each map has its own unique build-up, there might be various enemy units, there might be different obstacles, different rewards, etc.
Keep in mind that your cat has various abilities, it can climb on the walls, it can slide, use different equipment, etc. Use your abilities wisely because it can be crucial for your victory.
Along the way, you will meet several checkpoints, in case of failure you can continue your game from the last checkpoint. This is a kind of game progress saving feature that is a very handful in different situations.
Make sure that you are doing your best in order to pick up all rewards on the map (giant broken pieces of the crystal), they will give you extra points and it is your main objective to collect all of them.

Use arrow key for moving (up and down buttons are for jumping and sliding).
Wall jump ability is also performed with a help of arrow buttons.
Double arrow up button triggers double jump.
Holding down arrow button and moving triggers rolling.
You can press laser buttons and other object in the game if you will perform double jump above the button and pressing down arrow button and holding it (this move can be used to break glass and perform other tasks which will help you to grab all crystal parts and reach finish line).
These are all major controls, along the way you might see other tips as well (under the map), read these tips for additional information.

You are a ninja and there is nothing impossible for you, this is exactly why the world trusted you with a task to collect all parts of broken giant crystal and save the world from a huge explosion. You will face a lot of dangerous obstacles along the way and other challenges, don’t be afraid and use all tools in your arsenal in order to succeed.

Counting your stats:
Pay attention to top left part of the game window, there you can see that the game collects all data about you. The information displayed there is: how many times you have died and how many crystal parts you were able to collect.

Tracking these stats is really important if you want to achieve high scores in the game. As always you should focus on your mistakes, try to fix your faults, try to die and little time as it is possible and of course do your best to grab all crystals. Remember you have to save the planet, in order to do it you will have to collect all the pieces of giant crystal. use your ninja skills to overcome all obstacles and don’t let your kitty die.

Find Cat Ninja on your phone:
Playing on the phone is very popular these days, we are happy to announce that the game has now the app version as well. Find it on your device, download it on your phone for free and enjoy it.

Skilled players from YouTube:
Guide for those who learn more easily by watching gameplay videos. Take a look at this skilled gamer and learn more. If you are confused about some of the moments link exact time in the comments section below and leave your question as well, we will check the video at that exact time and explain everything in detail.

This is a really awesome game, there are a lot of interesting maps, challenging obstacles, there is objective in the game, tons of different traps, it is quite entertaining to reach the finish line and to collect all broken crystal pieces. Entertainment and adventure are there for you.

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